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Let yourself

touch and impulse in the heart

by the wisdoms of a
healing philosopher & master…

WISDOMS about topics that move humanity

The most important life themes of human history were taken up by the healing philosopher David Wared and redefined by the comprehensive Philosophy of Light Awareness. You will find daily an expression of this philosophy in the form of a wisdom.

The concern and intention of the light wisdoms is to be a source of inspiration for you, as they are an expression of the deep truth of all life. Recognitions expressed in words would like to inspire, touch and delight you so that you will be able to recognize your own truth more and more. Everything that is necessary for this is possible for every human being: to open up and agree to the inner touch in order to let truth happen.

Read the daily wisdom, meditate on it and feel which one touches you most. Take them up in the vastness of your mind and with the depth of your heart. Are you touched in your truth?

ABOUT David Wared

David Wared is the founder of the Light Awareness Philosophy, which he received in 1974 at the age of 4 and which is now available to all people in many writings.

He teaches and serves people in the Light Awareness Academy which he founded and in his healing philosophical and healing practical practice in Düsseldorf.

His vision is a Light Society in extended humanity. His life and work aims to teach people lightawareness and to accompany each individual by personal development to their full potential. In this way, people discover their own ability to bring about sustainable, positive changes for themselves, for the good of the community as well as all living beings on this earth.

Light Awareness Philosophy opens up the possibilities for a loving and truthful communion in connection with highest humanity. It is a path to liberation, healing and self-recognition.

His wisdoms touch heart and mind. They help to awaken spiritual qualities, to sense soul sensations and to expand consciousness.

PHILOSOPHY of Light Awareness according to David Wared

For thousands of years people have been dealing with these questions:

Who am I?
Where do I come from?
Where do I go to?

For a long time mythologies tried to explain these questions with different deities and to give instructions for action to the people, until the first philosophers in the Occident devoted themselves to these questions about 460 BC.

All of the following great philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Diogenes wanted to distance themselves from the mythologies and increasingly elevated the mind and logic to the central core of man. The intuition and feeling of man were totally disregarded and unimportant for all philosophers. This philosophical influence has remained until today.

The Philosophy of Light Awareness takes up the mind, the logic of the classical philosophers and completes it with the other 50% of human existence: feeling.

Man is a thinkfeeler or a feethinker, and so in the course of his life it is necessary to clear the mind - in order to really think clearly and sharply - and to pacify the soul, i.e. to purify it in order to feel deeply. It is the task and the longing of the human being to get back in touch with his originality. This originality shows itself in


The Philosophy of Light Awareness establishes and describes the interaction of body, soul and spirit on an individual, global and universal level. It is thus a philosophy of healing that reveals to humanity ways of liberation, healing and self-recognition and provides answers to all essential questions of the individual, society and the universal.

You are invited to experience, through reading and letting these wisdoms work, how deeply truth touches the heart and how words of truth clarify and impulse our spirit and give orientation to our actions.

365 DAYS with light wisdoms

„Poetry is an art similar to music because it makes our soul depth more and more tangible and allows our thinking to pause for a moment.“

The already published books with light wisdoms by David Wared provide - for 365 days per book - a light wisdom for every day.

All books by David Wared can be ordered at or contact us at

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Light Wisdoms App for your mobile phone

With our app, you receive the light wisdoms directly on your mobile phone:

A daily light wisdom as an impulse to expand the spirit, deepen the soul and energize the vitality. In short, sometimes poetic words, you can start your day with a reflection and orientation towards your development.

Each light wisdom appears on a monochrome background, which corresponds to the 15 light point colours of the 15 main energy gates of the Light Essence Therapy. Through the specific vibration frequency of the individual colours, the light wisdoms are absorbed with a special healing vibration. Be daily inspired by the wisdom of the philosophy of Light Awareness.

Light, love, life, healing, strength and blessing for you.

The light wisdoms app offers you the following functions at a glance:

  • You have the option to choose your preferred language GERMAN or ENGLISH and thus run the app completely in GERMAN or ENGLISH.
  • You also have the option to display the English version within the German app and vice versa, or to display both languages at the same time to experience the depth of the German language.
  • Share the light wisdoms and thus information, consciousness and strength with family and friends via social media.

The change of the light wisdoms takes place daily at 0.00 CET.

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